Readiness provides an easy to use self assessment tool for all types of users


  • Readiness is a unique and highly scalable digital solution that works across desktop and mobile devices.
  • Readiness provides a mental health and physical wellness monitoring platform embedded in people’s daily lives through their workplaces and schools.​
  • Readiness  facilitates and encourages self-management, but also provides advocates to support users on the wellbeing journey.​
  • Users are directed to advice, education or referral depending on their  Readiness score.​
  • Readiness  partners with leading mental health providers to deliver timely and relevant recommendations to help the users.​


Readiness provides:​

  • Detailed reports to highlight wellness of an individual, group or department over time.​
  • Organisation wide analytics to assist organisation in understand the “big picture” and to support them in development of wellness strategies

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