Readiness partners with Performance Shift to create a complete high-performance solution for businesses.

Readiness is very excited to announce that it has partnered with renowned high performance team consultants, Performance Shift, to further support our clients in their journey to improve productivity and performance from their employees.

With over 30 years of experience as a corporate training and consulting business focused on helping leaders and teams reach their full potential, Performance Shift’s team of experts offer a full suite of assessment, training, consulting and coaching solutions to help clients shift to the next level of performance.

Combining Readiness’ expertise in employee mental and physical health monitoring and management with Performance Shift’s proprietary High Performing Team Assessment diagnostic tool, the partnership allows businesses to gain detailed insight into the areas of their business which may be inhibiting business performance, both at the team and individual level, and access expert help to address them.

Kirk Peterson from Performance Shift

“Partnering with Performance Shift was a perfect fit for us. Like Readiness, Performance Shift believes in using the same high performance team philosophies as some of the world’s best sporting teams to transform workplace systems and behaviours. Not only are our core philosophies aligned, but we are both very passionate in our belief that supporting both the health of the individual and the team leads to enhanced business performance,” says Readiness Co-founder, Simon Kearney.

“We are very excited to be able to share Performance Shift’s expertise around what it takes to build, lead and support high performance teams – via educational content available on the Readiness complete wellbeing platform and consulting services to our clients.”

Kirk Peterson, Managing Director of Performance Shift (pictured above), agrees: “Wellbeing is a primary component of creating a high performing team. It is this, coupled with ongoing development and improvement which creates the fine detail of a successful and sustainable organisation. Partnering with Readiness, the wellbeing experts, allows us to continuously track and measure the wellbeing of our teams.”

In the corporate and sporting world where teamwork is essential to consistently delivering outcomes and results, building and maintaining high performing teams has never been more important.

In conjunction with Dr John Molineux of Deakin University, Performance Shift has developed a proprietary High-Performance Team (HPT) Assessment tool that measures and analyses the 10 high performance levers of a high performance

team, providing a clear pathway for development and improvement. Through their work with blue-chip clients such as Woolworths and the Commonwealth Bank, Performance Shift’s tools have been proven to cultivate engagement, team cohesion, innovative thinking, trust and importantly, self-discipline among leaders and team members, ultimately producing better sustainable results.

We welcome Performance Shift to the Readiness family and look forward to extending their expertise to our clients.

To find out more about how Readiness and Performance Shift can provide a complete high-performance solution for your business, please contact us today.